Session Outlines

The Health and Safety Conference Society of Alberta is proud to host its

16th Annual Health and Safety Conference and Trade Fair.

This conference attracts a wide range of exhibitors, facilitates high profile Keynote and Blockbuster speakers, and provides delegates a diverse and valued choice of session topics. The conference focuses on working together in occupational health and safety and  provides current information relevant to any industry.

The 16th Annual Health and Safety Conference and Trade Fair will be held at the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel & Conference Center, Banff, AB on October 26 & 27, 2017.

Speaker Bio’s and Session Description’s

Thursday October 26, 2017

Session 101 – Todd Hirsch – Spiders in Space, How Canadians are Adapting to the New Global Economy

Session 102 – William Johnson, QC Chair, Alberta Labour Relations Board & Jeff Parr, Deputy Minister – Labour Code & its Impact on the Workplace

Session 103 – Becky Wheat-Bain – Discomfort is a Form of Distraction.  A Case Study with Motorcycle Riders

Session 104 – Dr. Charl Els & Mathew Milen – Effectiveness of Random Drug and Alcohol Screening as an Intervention for Occupational Injury Prevention

Session 105 – Kim Titchener – Creating a Bear Safety Culture with Industry

Session 106 – Corinne Paul & Angela Wheeler – TDG and Chemical Handling

Session 107 – Ian Hooper – Partnerships Update

Session 108 – Jan Chappel – It’s Age Related: Challenges & Solutions

Session 109 – James Wilson & Erin McFadden – WCB Alberta – Update on our Business

Session 110 – Andrew Barnes – Partners in Compliance (PIC)  Program Overview

Session 111 – Astrid Mitchell & Christie Lavan – Leading Change: Domestic Violence & Your Workplace

Friday October 27, 2017

Session 201 – Patrick Delaney – Marijuana in the Workplace

Session 202 – Glyn Jones – The Need for Transformational Leadership in Uncertain Times

Session 203 – Rod Davis – Alberta’s Islands and Bridges

Session 204 – Gord Winkel – The Safety Imperative – Taking Risk Management to the Next Level

Session 205 – Kris Porlier – Mental Health Issues in the Workplace: Why You Should Care

Session 206 – Tammy Hawkins – Communication Continuum:  Silence to Violence, Where are You?

Session 207 – Lev Pobirsky – Workplace Violence

Session 208 – Darby Allen – Courage Inside the Fire