Thank you to all speakers who took part in the 18th Annual Alberta Health & Safety Conference. Below are the presentations that we are able to share.

Thursday February 6, 2020

Bob Stenhouse - presentation

Lisa Chen - presentation, handout

Kim Bechtel - unable to share

Erik Sherman & Andrew Barnes - presentation

Glyn Jones - presentation

Dave Shanahan & Jake Thiessen - presentation 

Shana Wolch & Justin Turc - presentation

Dr. Geoff Soloway - unable to share

Amanda Oling - unable to share


Friday February 7, 2020

Kris Porlier - unable to share

Jason Kumagai - unable to share

Waqar Muchal & ken Page - unable to share

Dr. Farrell Cahill - unable to share

Paul Gardiner - presentation

Erin McFadden - unable to share

Jason Seeley - handout, presentation

Kimberly Allison - handout page 1, handout page 2