The Alberta Health & Safety Conference trade show - THE SAFETY HALL, provides exposure to innovative products, technologies, training agencies and associations.

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Looking for the most current safety information, tools and practices? Check out our Conference Program or Register to attend the Alberta Health & Safety Conference as we advance new thought and action around workplace health, safety and environment.


Interested in enhancing your reputation and visibility? Demonstrate your support of health and safety by sponsoring the 18th Annual Alberta Health & Safety Conference. We’ll provide you with excellent exposure and networking opportunities.


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The Annual Conference and Trade Show combines top-notch educational sessions with a trade show designed to enhance the learning experience.

Success Through Adaptation

In a swiftly changing landscape our capacity for adaptive behaviour is ever challenged and ever evolving. Our ability to think creatively, to image novel solutions to workplace health and safety issues is a major asset.

Now, with regulatory, environmental and societal change occurring at a breakneck pace, human adaptability is likely to face its biggest test and yield its biggest rewards yet.

Join us for the 18th Annual Alberta Health & Safety Conference in Banff Alberta, as we navigate through ever changing times and learn to adapt successfully.